1. Andrea

    It’s cool that you guys were able to travel to another village and inspect their water purity levels. The subtitles were really helpful too.

  2. Mikaela Donovan

    I really enjoyed learning about this project! I liked the fact that you didn’t just test one sample of water, you tested water from multiple places, showing a broader range of results, and therefore a more accurate representation of water quality in that area. Also, I liked how you surveyed people as well, to get a better idea of effects of water quality from their perspective, since they were the ones who dealt with it daily. Your evaluation of water just by looking at it, along with the scientific testing, was also helpful. Overall, this project was really interesting!

  3. Alisha

    Nice work! I especially liked how you all went into your community to execute this experiment. You were all very through in your investigation of the quality of the water and didn’t just rely on one test to tell you if the water was safe which is exactly how other scientists would act.

  4. Jenn- BHS

    This video was interesting as the group went to an actual farm to preform their experiment. Their tests were not run in a lab artificially; instead the group presented field research. This is beneficial as the results could be applied to the area to alter the growing patterns and to determine the safety of the animals in the area.

  5. Anahiz Rivera

    I absolutely loved your video! I think you guys did an amazing job. You included great footage and images from while you guys were on the farm. I thought it was a good idea how you described what you saw in the water since it isn’t as easy to see in the video. You chose a really good topic as well. Well done.


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