1. Andrea

    This project seemed very organized. It is also good that you mentioned some problems and errors with the experiment like the language barrier.

  2. Anahiz Rivera

    You guys did a great job! I loved the background in the beginning, but the silence was a bit awkward. I thought you guys had a great topic that people could relate too and was very informative. You were a little repetitive and the shaky camera got a bit on my nerves, though. I just wish you guys had included live footage from the presentation rather than just speak over it.

  3. Mikaela Donovan

    This project was really interesting! I love how you didn’t just plan a public service campaign, you carried it out, and therefore were able to reflect on the experience, what went well, and what didn’t. Also, I like how the project was multi-faceted, in that it covered several topics and tied them together, including self defense, menstrual hygiene, and first aid. All of these things would be very helpful to the children. I also thought the point you made about the difference in male and female participation was very interesting. The way your group worked together to make sure everyone played a role, despite language barriers with the children, was a great example of teamwork. I really enjoyed hearing about this project!

  4. Ezaura Mazza

    I found your project extremely interesting, especially on how your group went to the government schools to show them new techniques to better their lives. I find it really important that you not only did the research to help their daily lives but taught the student it yourselves. I wish your group was able to involve the students more in the video such as interviews or showing them how to do the poses. Overall, i find the concept of the project very important because, it was more than a project you were able to help improve the students’ lives.

  5. Jenn- BHS

    This group 4 project was very interesting in the aspect that the students actually visited a school to present their findings. This is an innovative way to get their message across and to make a difference in their community. Targeting a younger audience was a good idea for this group as it corresponded to the message that they were trying to get across.

  6. Cassandra Goncalves

    Obviously, menstrual periods impact females and not males. Did you find a way to included the male students in the menstrual/yoga lesson. If not how could you have included the male students in this discussion?


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