A Collaborative Effort


The Participating Schools

Host Participant

The British School

New Delhi, India

The British School is an international, not-for-profit school located in the heart of New Delhi. The 56-year old school offers high quality education to expatriate and local families by drawing on the best facets of a rich and culturally diverse community.

Partner Participant

Bay Port High School

Green Bay, Wisconsin, USA

Bay Port High School started their IB Programme in 2011 and offers 12 subject choices. Biology HL being the only Group 4 subject is one of the reasons why their teacher, Kari Matuszak loves collaborating with TBS.


Brockton High School

Brockton, Massachusetts, USA

Brockton High School is a safe, supportive environment that provides 4,300 students with the knowledge, skills, values and behaviors necessary to become responsible and productive members of a diverse society.


The Ritsumeikan Uji School

Kyoto, Japan

Ritsumeikan Uji High School provides a unique bi-lingual and bi-cultural environment where students can develop academically and personally through various experiences inside Japan and around the world.

The Philosophy

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About Us

We at The British School, New Delhi, believe in collaborative learning and in order to lend an international dimension to this have for the past few years collaborated with other schools for the Group 4 Project.
The British School, New Delhi collaborates with Bay Port High School, Wisconsin, at present. In previous years we collaborated with The Ritsumeikan Uji School in Kyoto, Japan as well as Brockton High School, Massachusetts, USA.
The IB Group 4 website was created to showcase the collaborative effort of all 4 participating schools.
Multimedia Manager Varun Bhargava (Class of 2017) started the project. Successor Multimedia Managers – Shrey Anand (Class of 2018) and Jasraj Singh (Class of 2019) – continued work on this website.
In 2019, Multimedia Manager Udit Singhal (Class of 2020) had the idea to take this collaboration forward and re-created, re-designed and re-developed the website to make it more in sync with cutting-edge design and better showcase the talents of the British School community.
Curriculum Leader (Science), Ms Mary George has been supervising this IB Group 4 collaboration and website revamp.
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